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  How can you make the most of the programme?

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to be able to develop your skills in a way that can transform the way you work forever. It can change the way you view simple, every day conversations, and influence how you work with others to help them develop.

Coaching is an incredible, magical process that you will experience over the next few months. And things may never be the same again!

So what are the key things you need in order to make the most of this process?

1. Commitment: be committed to taking part, to absorbing as much as you can from these resources and actively looking for other resources that may support your development. Commit at least an hour a week to this course, and then undertake as much coaching practice as you can in order to develop your skills in the real world. Do or do not - there is no try, as Yoda would say!

2. Open mind: you will find out about tools and techniques that you have not encountered before. This will be wonderful and may at times be challenging. Keep an open mind, suspend disbelief for long enough to try something new. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. This is time for something new.

3. Believe in potential: Believe in your potential to grown and develop, and believe in the potential of your coaches!

4. Respect each other: We have different people from different background taking part in this programme. It is important we respect and value each other's perspective, even when it is different from our own.

Here are some more resources that will get you thinking about how you can make the most of this opportunity. I will share with you the resources I share with my new coaches and you can decide how you want to use them.

These include the pre-coaching questions I ask coaches to fill in before their first session. You may want to complete these yourself, to give yourself an understanding of that process and find out how it makes you feel. You can then use the reflection sheet to reflect on the experience. There will be more on this later in the course.

What agreement would you like to make for us working together?

What will help you get the most from this course?

In case you are interested, I have included the ILM Skillscans for levels 3 and 5, so you can assess your skills to start with as it may help you to decide if the qualification is right for you.

Global Code of Ethics.pdf
Intro to ILM.pdf